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Dr Barry Statham was a consultant first in Neath and Port Talbot then at Singleton Hospital during his 25-year career. He passed away shortly after he retired in 2012. Skincare Cymru has launched two £500 bursaries in honour of consultant dermatologist Barry Statham. The bursaries are available to graduate entry medical students at Swansea University undertaking a dermatology assignment/project as part of their course.

Applicants are asked to submit a piece of research based around an area of dermatology for a panel of ABMU consultants and university staff to assess. The best two proposals will then be awarded a bursary to help with their future studies.


  1. The bursaries are open to graduate entry medicine programme medical students enrolled at Swansea University.
  2. The bursaries are intended to cover travel, accommodation, subsistence and fees (if applicable) to further study, to widen academic research skills or to undertake voluntary clinical experience relevant to dermatology.
  3. The applicant should submit the index,following:
    • A current curriculum vitae
    • A written proposal of the elective or research project (no more than 500 words)
    • The names and contact details of two referees, one of whom should be the applicant’s personal tutor or lead tutor.
    • Confirmation from the medical school that s/he is currently enrolled on a course of medical studies
    • Confirmation from the medical school stating that the research project has been approved.

Please note only applications from eligible candidates will be considered.


Selection criteria

  1. The awarding panel consists of the Chairman of Skincare Cymru, Consultant Dermatologist from ABMU and the Trustees of Skincare Cymru.
  2. The awarding panel considers the index,following:
    • Written applications of no more than 500 words, to describe the nature of the research project or research presentation.
    • Bursaries will be used solely by the successful applicant and not be shared.
    • The successful applicant will be required to submit a brief report on the research project within a year of completing and this will be published in the Skincare Cymru newsletter and disseminated via the Skincare Cymru website
    • If none of the applicants is of sufficient merit, the bursary will not be awarded.
    • The bursary may not be received on more than one occasion by the same applicant.
    • The panel’s decision is final.

To apply for a Skin Care Cymru bursary please contact us by email:


Closing Date

The closing date for the Skincare Cymru Bursary 2014/15 is 31st January 2015.


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